Learn the Entire Finding Peace Model over the Next 5 Days

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  • Do you long for more peace in your life?

  • Do you want to know EXACTLY what is hijacking your sense of joy and peace?

  • Do you want THE model we’ve used to teach thousands of people just like you?


Amazon Best-Selling Author, Troy L Love, is offering you the Finding Peace Five-Day Challenge.

Are you Ready for More Peace in Your Life?

What’s Included in the

Finding Peace Five-Day Challenge?


Each day for the next five days, one short video will be sent to your email inbox.  You will be invited to take one action step each day to bring you closer to lasting peace.

Here’s a breakdown for the Finding Peace Five-Day Challenge:

  • ​Day 1: What are Attachment Wounds?

  • Day 2: Identifying Negative Core Beliefs.

  • Day 3: Shining light on the one thing that destroys peace faster than anything else.

  • Day 4: Understanding the Numbing Two-Step that never makes us feel lasting peace.

  • Day 5: Putting it all together.


This challenge will take less than 15 minutes a day, but it has the power to shift things in your life and help you start rewriting the messages and stories that you have had written on your heart for years and years. 

Finding PEACE (2).png

Say “Yes!” to our Finding Peace Five-Day Challenge and discover what changes can take place in your life.