Finding Peace:
A Workbook on Healing from Loss, Neglect, Rejection Abandonment, Betrayal, and Abuse

This Amazon Best-Selling book is the fusion of a fictional storyline and a workbook that describes the Finding Peace model of healing from the attachment wounds of loss, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, neglect, and abuse.

This book is for anyone serious about healing these attachment wounds, ready to become honest about changing their life, and willing to be vulnerable.

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A Year of Self Love: Daily Wisdom and Inspiration for Loving Yourself

All you need is self love―daily inspiration for loving yourself year-round.

Revolutionize your relationship with yourself. A Year of Self Love has 365 days of wisdom and inspiration to help guide you in your quest for self love. Achieve better self-esteem, more positive thinking, and greater appreciation of yourself with these easy, practical methods.

Complete with daily mantras, affirmations, quotes, writing prompts, and other simple activities, A Year of Self Love helps you boost your self-image as you reflect on your life and work through your insecurities.

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The Art of Peace

For over a century, Sun Tzu’s writings in The Art of War have been studied by millions of people from business leaders to military strategists. It occurred to me that Sun Tzu’s writings not only provide guidance in warfare strategies, but also for individuals who are battling their own personal demons and desire greater peace. 

This small Amazon Best-Seller was written with the purpose of recovery in mind – whether it be from addiction, broken relationships, or suffering from attachment wounds. It lays out simple principles that if followed can lead to greater peace, joy, and contentment.


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