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to Day FOUR of the Finding Peace Five-Day Challenge!

Many people are reluctant to admit that they numb.  They may not even realize that is what they are doing. And yet, never in the history of the world have we struggled more with issues like drug addiction, dependency on pain-killers, porn consumption, obesity, and alcoholism.  Scientists have even recently discovered that humans are starting to grow a bone on the back of the neck as a result of heads hanging down so often to look at our devices.   In this training, we will explore the numbing two-step


  1. Identify ways that you numb.

  2. What mutated emotions usually arise for you after you numb?

  3. What wounds and negative core beliefs may be driving numbing behaviors?

Download your Assignment here. 

Heather was going through a divorce and trying to juggle all of her responsibilities while the wounds kept getting triggered.  She decided to attend the Finding Peace Retreat. During her experience, she discovered she is not alone in feeling pain, but more importantly she was able to find peace. Watch her story below. 

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