• Troy L Love, LCSW

A Year of Self Love

Have you ever heard the adage that you cannot love others until you love yourself? I didn't want to accept that as truth. For a long time I believed that I could love others despite the fact that I was being smothered by shame. What I realized is that shame prevented me from being able to let others love me back.

The problem with that was that the more shame I experienced, the less vulnerable and authentic I was. I began to hide, pretend, and fake my way through life. This lead me to feel alone and depressed. In that dark state, there was no way that I could show up and love others. I convinced myself that I could, but the reality was quite the opposite.

As I continued to drown in shame, I became more angry, more numb, more addicted, more depressed. I couldn't love others in that state. Something had to change.

I began a journey of recovery which included learning how to love myself. Along the way, I learned to like me. I found that in the process of loving myself, I was more able to share love with others. And even better, I could accept the love they had been trying to give to me. I could let it in.

So when Callisto Media approached me to write a book on Self Love, I was all in. In the process of writing, I learned new tools, mantras, and activities that continued to help me on my journey of self love. I am overjoyed to share them with you! It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce my upcoming new book, A Year of Self Love. To order your copy of A Year of Self Love, go to https://amzn.to/2lCfOxZ


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